PN Radiance T Shirt Bra 23

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Smooth, non-padded, lightweight, breathable, and has a J hook for racerback versatility...what more could you want in a smooth T shirt bra?!  Welcome to Radiance in Black!  In stock in the new AW23 shade Black in most sizes 30 – 40 bands and F – H cups.  This non-padded style is a PHENOMENAL option for people with a very deep breast searching for a properly fitted smooth T shirt bra.  See the middle part of the bra between the model's breasts?  That's the gore.  Your gore should be flush against your sternum and each breast in its own cup with no breast tissue touching in the middle and no breast tissue touching under the cups.  Look at the top of her cups: there's no spillage or "double boob".  If your smooth T shirt bra doesn't fit like these pictures, you need to come see is.  We can help you find your most comfortable and supportive fit so you feel your most confident and your clothes look their best on you! 
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