About us

Bliss Beneath is a small business located in Barrie, Ontario.

It was born from owner Tamara Disaverio’s love of educating and empowering girls and women about the benefits of proper fit and support and then watching them transform and come alive in the fitting room. Something Tamara has learned is no matter our age, shape, or size, we all feel the same insecurities about our bodies.

Tamara wanted to introduce proper fit, comfort, and support to central Ontario at a more moderate price point than what was currently available so families with an average income could afford for mothers AND daughters to invest in properly fitted bras and swimwear. The confidence a woman feels in a properly fitted bra and swimsuit is carried within her all day, every day.

Bliss Beneath is known for our body positive environment and messages.We have framed body positive messages posted strategically around the store that are permanent. We also have message boards in the change rooms and at the front door that are updated weekly with new body positive communications. These message boards are in place of posters of models that aren’t representative of real life girls and women. Real life bodies aren’t airbrushed!

We’re known for our body inclusive mannequins who range from a size 2 to a size 18/20, and for some of the mannequins we’ve assigned names and personas.

Our online boutique is a convenient means to place repeat orders on products you have previously purchased.