PN Illuminate T Shirt Bra

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WORLDWIDE DEBUT - BRAND NEW SMOOTH T SHIRT BRA!  Summer is just around the corner, and do you know what no one likes?  BOOB SWEAT!  This is a universal truth.  Why does boob sweat happen?  It happens when there's tissue touching tissue, whether it's in between your breasts or it's breast tissue touching your torso.  All that sweat day in and day out creates a breeding ground for rashes and yeast infections.  For women who have a deep breast it can be difficult to get a smooth t shirt bra to tack against your sternum, separating your breasts so they don't touch in the middle and keeping each breast securely in their own cup.  If this is you and you've had difficulty getting a smooth underwire t shirt bra to tack/separate your breasts in the middle, you definitely want to try Illuminate from Sculptresse!  Illuminate is a soft cup smooth underwire T shirt bra with a lovely deep cup.  She has a super-comfortable bagged band (a bagged band is a double layer of soft fabric that feels very comfortable around your torso) and straps that kick in towards the centre to help prevent them falling off your shoulders.  Stop sweating and feeling gross in bras that don't fit properly!  Illuminate is available now in her introductory neutral shade Vintage and is in stock in most back and cup sized 34 - 42, E - GG.  Vintage is perfect for underneath all your light coloured summer t shirts.  Come see how a properly fitted bra makes you feel less sweaty and more comfortable, more confident, and happier all day long!

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