MO Sublime T Shirt Bra

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This fit and comfort of this basic little bra knocked the socks off Tamara and Marcy!  And you can't beat the price point of $74!  Do you know what a spacer cup is?  The cup of the bra feels bouncy or squishy between your thumb and forefinger, and if you hold it up to a light, you can see right through the cup.  The transparency and the bouncy, squishy feeling are from air pockets in the cup of the bra.  The air pockets allow the heat from your body to escape.  YOU feel cooler wearing the bra, and when you feel cooler, LESS BOOB SWEAT!  Woot woot!  Are you still searching high and low for your perfect T shirt bra?  We may have just found it for you! 

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