FA Envisage Spacer T Shirt Bra 2024

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SMOOTH T SHIRT BRA IN NAVY:  You know those bumps on our backs that happen when we wear an appropriately snug bra band?  The bumps EVERYONE FOCUSES ON AND HATES SO MUCH?  The Envisage smooth breathable T shirt bra from Fantasie has an extra piece of fabric on the back band to help smooth those bumps that naturally occur when we're wearing an appropriately snug bra band.  Can we just say how much everyone LOVES this smoothing feature?!   Another feature the Envisage smooth breathable T shirt bra offers is angled strap hardware.  This angle helps straps to kick in towards the centre of our back, helping them stay on our shoulders.  This is a great option for those who struggle with straps staying on their shoulders even when they're wearing a properly fitted bra. 

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